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Janine Hunt-Hilliard

Janine Hunt-Hilliard is a candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Place 18, in Jefferson County, Alabama, which is the Presiding Judge in Family Court. Attorney Hunt-Hilliard has experience working in, practicing in, and sitting as Special Circuit Judge and Special District Judge in Family Court. She is a seasoned attorney with over 20 years of legal experience. Given her legal and business backgrounds, she is well-suited to handle the judicial and administrative responsibilities of the Presiding Judge position.


As Presiding Judge in Family Court, Attorney Hunt-Hilliard will appropriately and fairly apply the law to each case she handles. She is even-tempered and well-suited to handle the important matters that will come before her in Family Court. Additionally, she plans to work diligently to improve the operations of the Court so that it runs effectively and efficiently. One of her goals is to collaborate with community organizations to ensure that the children and families who come to Family Court are provided an opportunity to address the underlying issues that brought them to the Court, thereby improving their lives.


Attorney Hunt-Hilliard is an adoptive parent and an advocate for fostering/adoption. She serves on the Board of Directors for Heart Gallery Alabama, which is a non-profit dedicated to finding forever families for children in Alabama’s foster care system. She regularly participates as a panelist for Children’s Aid Society to educate prospective adoptive parents on the legal process of adoption. She also provides legal services for adoptions, particularly those of parents adopting from the foster care system.

Attorney Hunt-Hilliard earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Delaware. In 1996 she was awarded her Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law, and subsequently received a Master of Business Administration from Howard University School of Business.  She was admitted to the Maryland State Bar, the California State Bar and the Alabama State Bar.


Attorney Hunt-Hilliard is married to Earl Hilliard, Jr. and they have two children, Earl Hilliard, III and Nya Hilliard.


Janine Hunt-Hilliard is:

Experienced…She has over twenty (20) years of legal experience.

Innovative…She consistently finds new ways to handle challenges and resolve issues. She is prepared to find innovative ways to tackle important issues in Family Court.

Ready to Serve…Janine Hunt-Hilliard has served as Special Circuit Judge and Special District Judge in Family Court over the last four years. She has heard hundreds of cases, and has applied the law and fairly ruled in each one. She understands what is necessary to perform the job and will be ready on day one.